Middleware for Robotic Lab Automation

The Box is an automation solution offered by Siemens Healthineers for smaller and medium-sized hospital laboratories, addressing staffing challenges and enabling 24/7 lab services. It combines anayzers with robotic arms, providing efficient and reliable support to lab personnel in an automated autonomous environment.



Consolidates the order and result workflow between Dimension® (clinical chemistry), Sysmex® XN-1000 (hematology) and Sysmex® CS-2500 (coagulation) instruments and the LIS into a single interface.

 Intelligent Sample Routing

The middleware manages sample routing including priority management as well as add-on and re-run orders.

 Safety Checks

Compare sample tube and cap details, labels and information received from the LIS to identify mistakes and mixups. Samples failing the plausibility check are routed for manual resolution.

 Rule Engine

Automatically and systematically apply custom rules to perform auto-verification, reflex testing, calculated results, advanced test routing and any sample and result processing.


Full transparancy and traceability of a sample's route throughout the processing from reception to analysis and archiving

 Data Management

If desired, the software can manage a large amount of results, thus supporting configurable data retention.

The solution is a collaboration between SIEMENS, the United Robotics Group (URG) and Intellitec and is available from SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics in Germany

This solution is based on aurelio/lab, Intellitec's powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution. Read more about this here.

aurelio® is a registered trademark of Intellitec Healthcare IT Solutions GmbH in the EU and a trademark in other applicable countries. Dimension is a registered trademark of SIEMENS Healthcare and Sysmex is a trademark of Sysmex Corporation in applicable countries.


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