Siemens | Protis®

Data Manager and Protein Assessment Software

The Siemens Protis® Data Management System provides advanced laboratory workflow support, connectivity and clinical pattern assessment modules allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients more effectively



Consolidates results from a number of Siemens instruments using a single interface between the LIS and BN™ II, BN ProSpec® and BEP 2000 Advance® Systems and a number of other platforms.

 Clinical Pattern Assessments

The software offers a broad range of assessment modules – such as iron and anemia, nutrition, cardiac risk, kidney disease and CSF – allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Reports include test results, comprehensive diagrams and guidance on interpreting the results.

 Data Management

Users can retrieve and review patients, samples and results, print reports and manually add new orders. If desired, the software can manage a large amount of results, thus supporting long-term data retention.

 Rule Engine

Automatically and systematically apply custom rules to perform auto-verification, reflex testing, calculated results, advanced test routing and any sample and result processing.

 Printing & Reporting

Generate reports, export PDFs or create printouts. All templates can be customized using the integrated designer.


Individual user accounts, a centralized audit trail, automatic traceability of samples and results as well as special provisions for patient data safety and privacy help with establishing and maintaining a compliant laboratory routine.

The software is available from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

This solution is based on aurelio/lab, Intellitec's powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution. Read more about this here.

aurelio® is a registered trademark of Intellitec Healthcare IT Solutions GmbH in the EU and a trademark in other applicable countries. Protis is a registered trademark of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in applicable countries.


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