Beckman Coulter | HighFlexX™

Clinical Microbiology Middleware

The Beckman Coulter HighFlexX middleware solution combines microbiology ID/AST testing using Beckman Coulter's LabPro®/WalkAway® systems with fast identification and classification of microorganisms based on the mass spectrometry (MALDI) and disk diffusion into a versatile integrated multi-instrument environment



Connect to a variety of instruments as well as to LIS systems for automated order and result transmission.

 MALDI Target Management

The software facilitates MALDI testing and target management with an intuitive user interface for assigning isolates to MALDI targets and can propagate MALDI identifications to connected instruments for AST testing.

 Data Management

Users can retrieve and review patients, samples, isolates and results, print reports and manually add new orders. If desired, the software can manage a large amount of results, thus supporting long-term data retention.

 Rule Engine

A flexible rule engine can be used to automatically and systematically apply customer-provided rules to support lab workflows, review, hold and suppress AST results and add to comments with guidance on interpretations and workflow or therapy recommendations.

 Printing & Reporting

Generate reports, export PDFs or create printouts. All templates can be customized using the integrated designer.


Individual user accounts and permissions, a centralized audit trail, automatic traceability of samples and results as well as special provisions for patient data safety and privacy help with establishing and maintaining a compliant laboratory routine.

The software is available from Beckman Coulter.

This solution is based on aurelio/lab, Intellitec's powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution. Read more about this here.

aurelio® is a registered trademark of Intellitec Healthcare IT Solutions GmbH in the EU and a trademark in other applicable countries. Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo and HighFlexX are trademarks or registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.


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