Middleware Solutions for Medical Laboratories

Intellitec has developed solutions for clinical chemistry, microbiology/bacteriology, hematology, specialty testing and point-of-care (POC) test management.

Furthermore, Intellitec has partnered with a number of instrument vendors to provide special editions and branded customer solutions.


Medical Laboratory Middleware

aurelio/lab is a powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution providing extensive connectivity, data management and workflow support features for making lab processes more efficient, reducing errors and improving quality so users can concentrate on important tasks that need their attention.

More than 1000 hospitals and medical laboratories in 20+ countries successfully use middleware systems based on aurelio/lab for their daily routine.


Beckman Coulter | HighFlexX™

Clinical Microbiology Middleware

The Beckman Coulter HighFlexX middleware solution combines microbiology ID/AST testing using Beckman Coulter's LabPro®/WalkAway® systems with fast identification and classification of microorganisms based on the mass spectrometry (MALDI) and disk diffusion into a versatile integrated multi-instrument environment.

The solution is available from Beckman Coulter in select countries.

Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo and HighFlexX are trademarks or registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.


aurelio/lab Edition for SIEMENS Protis Assessments

Middleware Solution for Clinical Pattern Assessments

The aurelio/lab Edition for SIEMENS Protis Assessments is a clinical/medical laboratory software solution that combines data & workflow management and connectivity features for the order to result laboratory workflow into a platform for running and using one or multiple SIEMENS Protis assessment packages, which are available as separate products.

SIEMENS offers a number of different assessment modules – covering CSF (Reiber), Kidney, Nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis – allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

The solution is available from SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics in select countries.



Middleware for Robotic Lab Automation

The Box is an automation solution offered by Siemens Healthineers for smaller and medium-sized hospital laboratories, addressing staffing challenges and enabling 24/7 lab services. It combines anayzers with robotic arms, providing efficient and reliable support to lab personnel in an automated autonomous environment.

The aurelio/lab middlware manages the order and result workflow between the LIS and connected analyzers and drives sample routing of the robotic solution.

The solution is a collaboration between SIEMENS, the United Robotics Group (URG) and Intellitec and is available from SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics in Germany


aurelio/lab SIEMENS POCT Edition

Connectivity for Point of Care Testing

This flexible interface converter solution enables customers to transfer results from SIEMENS POCT devices into their EMR/EHR system, LIS, HIS or other data manager solutions using industry standard protocols.

Supported SIEMENS devices include epoc® Blood Analysis System, Clinitek Status®+ and Clinitek Status® Connect, Atellica® DCA, Atellica® VTLi, RAPIDPoint® Blood Gas analyzers and DCA Vantage™.

The software offers a number of interface options, specifically German LDT and GDT standards, as well as CLSI LIS/ASTM and HL7.

The software is available from SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics in Germany.


Hycor Biomedical | Connectivity & Middleware

Connectivity and middleware solutions based on aurelio/lab are used by Hycor Biomedical to connect Hytec 288 and NOVEOS analyzers to various LIS, HIS and EMR/EHR host systems.

Features cover result reporting using CLSI-LIS01/ASTM, HL7 and German LDT standards, order entry as well as combining multiple instruments for load balancing and sharing a single host connection.


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