Clinical Laboratory Software

Intellitec has developed solutions for clinical chemistry, microbiology/bacteriology, hematology, specialty testing and point-of-care (POC) test management.

Furthermore, Intellitec has partnered with a number of instrument vendors to provide special editions and branded customer solutions.


Clinical Laboratory Middleware Solutions

aurelio/lab is a powerful and flexible laboratory middleware solution providing extensive connectivity, data management and workflow support features for making lab processes more efficient, reducing errors and improving quality so users can concentrate on important tasks that need their attention.

More than 2000 hospitals and clinical laboratories in 15 countries successfully use middleware systems based on aurelio/lab for their daily routine.


Beckman Coulter | HighFlexX™

Clinical Microbiology Middleware

The Beckman Coulter HighFlexX middleware solution combines microbiology ID/AST testing using Beckman Coulter's LabPro®/WalkAway® systems with fast identification and classification of microorganisms based on the mass spectrometry (MALDI) and disk diffusion into a versatile integrated multi-instrument environment.

Users can retrieve and review patients, samples, isolates and results, print reports and manually add new orders. If desired, the software can manage a large amount of results, thus supporting long-term data retention.

The software facilitates MALDI testing and target management with an intuitive user interface for assigning isolates to MALDI targets and can propagate MALDI identifications to connected instruments for AST testing.

A flexible rule engine can be used to automatically and systematically apply customer-provided rules to support lab workflows, review, hold and suppress AST results and add to comments with guidance on interpretations and workflow or therapy recommendations.

The solution is available from Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo and HighFlexX are trademarks or registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission.


Siemens | Protis®

Data Manager and Protein Assessment Software

The Siemens Protis® Data Management System provides advanced laboratory workflow support and consolidates results from a number of Siemens instruments using a single interface between the LIS and BN™ II, BN ProSpec® and BEP 2000 Advance® Systems and a number of other platforms.

The software offers a broad range of assessment modules – such as iron and anemia, nutrition, cardiac risk, kidney disease and CSF – allowing doctors to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Reports include test results, comprehensive diagrams and guidance on interpreting the results.

The solution is available from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


Siemens | syngo® Lab Data Manager

A Complete Data Management Solution

Siemens syngo® Lab Data Manager is a robust, reliable data management system designed to grow with the laboratory while driving increased efficiencies across the lab environment. Managing a wide range of pre-analytic and post-analytic functions, syngo® Lab Data Manager helps accelerate turnaround times, improves quality and delivers seamless connectivity of instruments to the laboratory information system (LIS), automation and remote services.

Specifically, the software is designed to help laboratories handle increasing testing volumes and expanding workload capacity and includes support for rule-based auto-verfication and reflex testing as well as integrated quality control through automated Westgard and customizable rules.

The solution is available from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


Roche | cobas IT 5000 Module DocCard

Order Management Software

Roche Diagnostics has conceived the ongoing consolidation process in today's clinical laboratories - often serving additional clients outside the hospital - and provides its customers with a flexible and powerful extension to the Roche cobas IT 5000 LIS solution. The DocCard module improves integration by managing order entry and result reporting for external clients and doctor's offices.

The software closely integrates with the existing laboratory information system and shares dictionary data as well as order forms already defined in the LIS. Laboratories can setup and configure any number of remote departments or doctor's offices. The software provides bi-directional interfaces for a number of doctor's office systems and other patient information systems to retrieve patient demographics and to upload results.

DocCard allows users to remotely enter orders using a convenient graphical user interface client which can be invoked from within the doctor's office system. Available order forms, individual profiles and the layout of sample labels can easily be managed in the laboratory.

The solution is available from Roche Diagnostics

cobas® and cobas IT 5000 are registered trademarks of Roche Diagnostics.


aurelio/lab for Siemens Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyzer

Enhanced POCT Device Connectivity

This flexible interface converter solution enables customers to transfer results from their easy-to-use handheld Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyser in their network directly to their data management system.

The software allows communication to a middleware, LIS or HIS/EMR/HER system using CLSI-LIS01/ASTM, HL7 as well as POCT1A ORI/EDI.

The software is available from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

Xprecia Stride, and all associated marks are trademarks of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc., or its affiliates. Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for availability.


Hycor Biomedical | Connectivity & Middleware

Connectivity and middleware solutions based on aurelio/lab are used by Hycor Biomedical to connect instruments to various LIS, HIS and EMR/EHR host systems.

Features cover result reporting using CLSI-LIS01/ASTM, HL7 and German LDT standards, order entry as well as combining multiple instruments for load balancing and sharing a single host connection.

Hycor will also be using this solution integrated into their next generation immuno-analyzers.


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