Laboratory Information System (LIS) for Small to Mid-Sized Medical Laboratories

Our flexible and intuitive laboratory information system (LIS) is designed to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized laboratories. It supports various aspects of the daily lab routine from orders to results, quality control, order entry and many other features

Intuitive, Flexible, Reliable

The software supports all aspects of the daily laboratory routine, is very intuitive and clearly structured, making it easy to use after a short training period.

Each laboratory has its own individual requirements regarding workflows, equipment, analysis spectrum, personnel and IT infrastructure. Our software adapts to and can be flexibly configured for a wide range of applications and procedures.

Orders to Results

The software supports the full laboratory workflow from orders to results


Is the accreditation of your laboratory - for example according ISO 15189 - a topic for you? Our laboratory system and our service team can support you in implementing a laboratory workflow in accordance with these standards.

Our own work is also carried out according to strict quality guidelines of ISO 9001 and even complies with the strict even meets the strict requirements of ISO 13485 for manufacturers of medical devices.

Making Daily Routine Easier, Improve Workflows and Prevent Errors

 Reference ranges assist with the interpretation of results

 The software can create printouts or PDF exports based on customizable templates

 Flexible filters and work lists facilitate the overview and help organize the routine

 Results can be technically and medically validated, commented, held or suppressed

 Connects to all clinical IT systems, external laboratories and laboratory devices

 Orders can be manually entered or received from external systems and scanners

 Custom profiles facilitate ordering of frequently used parameter combinations

 Rules can automatically and systematically perform various tasks, including calculation of additional results, formatting of values auto-verification and automated re-run and reflex orders

 Multiple users can access the software from multiple computers


Well Connected and Integrated

The software connects to a varietey of IT systems, analyzers and other laboratory equipment.

Supported interfaces include standards - such as CLSI LIS (ASTM), HL7, POCT1-A, CLSI AUTO16, German LDT and GDT - as well as proprietary vendor-specific protocols.

We are continuously expanding our portfolio based on the requests of our customers. Our versatile universal connectivity platform supports rapid and efficient driver development.

Design and Usability

Additional Modules

Additional modules expand the functionality for laboratories that need additional features.


Quality Control

Manage quality control lots, orders and results, automatically calculate deviations, assess range violations and trends.

The software also supports the specific details of German Richtlinien der Bundesärztekammer (RiliBÄK).


Multi-Account Management

Reference labs can manage orders and reports for multiple accounts, including fine-grained access control.


Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Analyze laboratory data based on customizable reports, for example throughput or volume per instrument, analyte, referrer, etc.


Billing & Remuneration

Manage prices and remuneration codes for analytes using different catalogs and generate invoices for lab services.

The software also supports the specific details of the German remuneration system (EBM via KVDT and direct invoicing for GOÄ).

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